22 December 2011

so blessed

Sometimes, I have the propensity to whine. About. Everything. Today, I started whining to myself about pretty much everything.

1. The baby is fussy.
2. The baby has a really bad, bleeding diaper rash. (allergy to something) All he wants is to be held.
3. I have 4 loads of clothes to fold, a kitchen to clean, dishes to do, a bathroom to clean, and lots of vacuuming.
4. I have a headache.
5. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, so I didn't eat my standard breakfast of fruit and toast.
6. It's cold and kinda rainy outside.
7. I could go on.... trust me, I love to whine. :)

Then it hit me! BAM! I am so blessed! I live in a place, and I have enough money to buy Tylenol for my headache. The three of us have enough clothes/towels/dishrags/blankets to fill four loads in the washer... AND THAT ISN'T EVEN HALF OUR JUNK! How many people in the world can say that? So, the baby has a diaper rash. It isn't life threatening, a chronic illness, or a broken limb. It might be cold and rainy outside, but it is nice and toasty in my place. The pre-diabetes does stink, because now I have to actually try and curb my carbohydrate intake. I LOVE carbs.

Speaking of blessings, I want to dote on my smokin' hot husband for a minute. (I can, because I know he won't read this. He won't be embarrassed that way. HAHA) Well, he's pretty much awesome. :) He woke up early and attempted to fold the laundry. He just didn't realize it takes more than 15 minutes to fold four loads. He's always patient with me. He gives me foot massages about twice a week. Most importantly, he really enjoys going to work and making the money, so I can stay home with the baby for a little bit. He even took on a second job for a little bit, so I wouldn't have to work while I was pregnant and after. He is such a good father. :) He loves hanging out with the booboo bottoms. Michael patiently practices "life skills" with Charlie. He taught him how to point and drink out of a cup, not a sippy cup. Charlie gets so excited when he hears Michael's car horn honk when he locks the car. He starts bouncing on his leg and going "dadadadadadada." :) Yep, I have a good one.