21 February 2012

Long time, no post

Before you have a child, you think, "I'm so busy. I'm so tired. I don't know how I can fit anything else into my day." Then... you have a baby. Next you think, "This sweet baby of mine takes up so much time." Next thing you know, you have a toddler, and THEY REALLY DO TAKE UP SO MUCH TIME! Some days, it takes all my energy just picking up after Charlie. This morning for instance; Charlie took his toy box and dumped it upside down, throwing things in all directions and squealing in delight. I scrounge everything up and put it back in the toy box. Not even ten seconds after that is done, he is all the way across the room pulling everything out of his cloth diaper basket until he finds the thing he is looking for.... the very bottom cloth insert. Silly me. I thought the top one would do. I pick all that up, and I turn around only to see him undoing all the nice piles of clothes I folded. They would normally be put up in the dressers, but I foolishly decided to pick the toys up first.

I love staying home with Charlie, and I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes, for a fleeting moment or five, I wish I could be at school or work to have some adult conversation. I can only sing song "thank you" and "mama" and dance around like a buffoon for so many hours in a day. All of the other moments, I am truly grateful that I can spend all my time with him. We may not have as much money, but I get to see hundreds of smiles, hear baby giggles all day, and receive hugs, kisses and lovins! It is so worth it.