24 May 2012

My Husband is Asian?!

I always forget that my husband does not have white skin. He is just Michael. I see him, but I don't distinguish that we were born in different countries. Until 45 years ago, we would not have been able to get married! Isn't that crazy?! I have had some really nasty things said to me about my interracial marriage and my child. All of it is too vulgar to repeat. I just do not understand why it is such a big deal to people. What does it matter that our skin color is different? He is a great husband and father, a Sunday School teacher, a youth group leader, a hard and honest worker, and an all around geek.

10% of all marriages in the US are interracial or interethnic, a 28% jump since 2000. (US census)
Interracial marriages have doubled since 1980.
In 1967, the Supreme Court declared anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional.

God made people with darker skin too! :D


  1. I get what you mean. With people in which we really care, we see "them", not what differences there are between us. :)

  2. Wait, Michael is Asian?? ;) I can't believe people say things to you. You are a beautiful couple, with a beautiful child, and I think people are ridiculous.