20 March 2012


Every time I get back from TN people always ask ,"Aren't you glad to be back?" Then I have to do a side stepping game of riding the fence, "UHHH??? Kinda?"

It is very hard to go from NJ to TN and back again in 7 days!

When I am in NJ I do everything by myself. I cook every single day, do the laundry, clean, run all the errands, etc and so forth. Michael works long hours, so I try not to ask him to do household chores after a tiring day. I'm totally independent and have minimal help. It's not good or bad. It is just how it is. I can't go to grandma Bonnie's for lunch during the day or call my parents to hang out with Charlie if I'm going crazy.

Then, I get to TN... It's kind of like a vacation, except I don't consider visiting somewhere I lived for 20 years a real vacation. Maybe a half-vacation?? (A real vacation would involve the beach...... or my toddler in a different state for 24 hours. ;) or BOTH!) My mom cooks and cleans (and sometimes I help... a little. Guilty!!) Best part is that I get to spend lots of time with my stinky brothers and the rents. THE SUPER BEST PART IS.... My dad takes Charlie all around town to do "man stuff." Those are my dad's words, not mine. :) As a side note, I found out what "man stuff" is: riding the razor 4-wheeler thing, mowing the yard, spreading mulch, going to Lowes, and a bunch of other "man stuff." He's a REALLY good grandpa. :) My mom always has a few outfits for Charlie when we get there in one size bigger. That's a super big help. Charlie is always growing out of clothes. It is nice to have some the next size up! BUT there are always a few cons. It isn't our routine, and Charlie LOVES routine! He gets a little fussier than usual when we are there. Also, my hubby is back in NJ working hard, so I can stay home. :) (He's a good hubby!) I miss him a lot when I'm gone for a week.

Then, I leave and have to transition back into NJ life. I go back to eating healthy. (My parents eat healthy too, but my mom and I are AWFUL when we are together. We egg each other on until we've eaten about 3000000 calories a day of wonderful fatty/sweet/salty/cheesy/delicious foods! YUM!!!) I have to start cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, etc again! It is so hard. :( I usually get a really bad headache the day after I get back. I always think, "JACKPOT! My parents can hang out with Charlie while I sleep in a dark room" Then I remember there are no parents in NJ. :'( So I just toughen up and be a mom! When I do get back, it is nice to be back with Michael. :) Everything just seems so much more cloudy/dirtier/concrete-ier in NJ, and I get depressed for a while. I don't care for concrete and clouds! I love sunshine and grass! I always like getting back to my routine, my friends, my church, my Sunday School kids, my grocery store, etc... I'm a homebody, and I like my routine. (wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, put Charlie down for a morning nap, do errands/run depending on the day, play, afternoon nap, cook dinner/clean, eat dinner, hang out with michael, everybody goes to bed... Yes, I know. I lead a boring life.)

So, next time you want to know if I am glad to be back "home".... I guess the answer really is, "kinda? maybe?" I'm not really sure.

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