24 June 2012

Charlie is so cool

Lately, Charlie has exploded with personality. I know you are thinking that it is physically impossible to pack more awesomeness into such a small human, but I swear to you it has happened!! He has started speaking in phrases and tackling more complicated words. This might not seem particularly riveting, but he uses the phrases at the most inopportune times. Examples below.

1. Michael: Charlie what is this? (holding a doll of a little girl with a kitty)
Charlie: that's daddy! (daz da-dee)

2. me: come back here and clean off. Don't go on those clean floors!
Charlie: all done (ahh dunn)! Bahaha (running on clean floors)

3. Charlie: dada! Dada?! Listen dada(lihtun dada)!

4. Michael: what did you just do?
Charlie: I don't know (ah dun oh). Haha

5. What's that? (whuh dat)


  1. I laughed more at you, honestly. Wait until he is two or three years old... He will say stuff that will make you almost pee your pants. ....They have funny logic too.

    1. I want to see a video of Charlie bearrrr!