29 July 2012

An exciting post!

Two of my Sunday School students were baptized today along with five other people. :) Congrats C.S. and A.D.!! :):) I'm so proud of you. (As a side note, both of them have really awesome looking hair!) I really love those two.

Funny story. Two weeks ago before my lesson started, Colleen and I asked the students what they wanted to be when they grew up. SWIMMER! I WANT TO BE A GYMNASTICS GIRL! FIREMAN! etc.. Then I asked the kids what Miss Jess should be when she grew up. After all the children broke out in hysterical laughter, I got a few of those answers that bring tears to your eyes. "Miss Jess, You should be a teacher, since you are so good at it." (Whoa! Proud moment) "I think you should be a nurse, or somebody that helps other people with cancer. Cancer is sad." "YOU SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!" hahahaha. <3 them.

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