26 October 2012

Time flies

I cannot believe it has been two months since the last time I blogged. I swear to you it was last week. Time has flown by in warp speed!

I started potty training Charlie the last week or two. It's been just a tiny bit better than AWFUL. It started out great. He had all the signs of being ready. He told me when he went in his diaper. He'd point and say EWWW. He wakes up dry 90% of the time. We would put him on the potty first thing in the morning. He would go, then he would cry. A friend told me that sometimes children are scared when they see things coming out of their body. I thought, "WOW, she's so smart." Then, I started putting him on the potty and he wouldn't go. He'd get up and pee on the floor, and then he would giggle. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he's not scared of fluids exiting his body. Then today, he took off his diaper and pooped on the carpet. -___- I'm definitely shelving the potty training idea for a while. I think I'll give it a month or two and try again. It's quite frustrating.

November will be here in six days, and that means it is holiday time! Please don't forget about giving to your local food bank, and do kind acts of service for others. If you are interested, my friend is knitting and selling scarves for special needs orphans. 100% of the proceeds will be donated. (Think Down's, HIV+, FAS, congenital defects, etc...) You can look up Sparrow Scarves on facebook, or I can give you more information.

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