11 November 2011

I have no idea what to title this :)

HAHA! Last night at house church, everyone found out that I don't like Chris Christie. (SHOCK! Oh the horror!) Besides not liking his politics, I firmly believe that fat people should not be in a position of political power. (Don't shoot me now. Keep reading.) It is no secret that America has a huge obesity problem. I believe that if you are influential you should lead a lifestyle that children would want to emulate. That includes not over eating as well as killing dogs and given a 100 mil/ 6 year contract to the NFL. (Yes, Vick, that was for you.) Being in an influential position gives credibility to your lifestyle choices and inherently makes them OK. Besides, he is really sweaty, and that makes him seem dishonest. (and I don't like his politics)

Ryan jokingly suggested next week, we start by listing things Jess does like. I said "I love bald people." (Ryan is bald) Michael, my wonderful husband but not so at the next moment, jokingly told everyone that I don't have Indian friends because they are hairy. Oh boy! I could have smacked him. :) (lovingly, of course) I would like to point out that I have many hairy friends, and Michael was referring to a Sri Lankan friend that does have excessive body hair. (Not all Indians are hairy. He knows that.) I left house church feeling like I needed to clarify the issue.
1. I don't mind body hair. Guy body hair is a little thick, but whatever.
2. I don't choose my friends, husband, lab partners, etc on the amount of body hair they may or may not have.
3. Contrary to Michael's and my joking, I would have married him even if he was hairy. :) It is just a bonus he doesn't have a lot of hair, because I do like that he is not hairy. He's Asian.
My house church family is so awesome, they knew we were joking. For some reason, that conversation (it went on a lot longer than that) left me feeling like it could be misconstrued by anyone, especially people who do not know Michael and I very well. (... and ... incidentally how much he likes to pick on me and I on him.)

Now to the serious stuff....

Please please please donate to your local food bank! There are hungry people out there, and I believe most all of my friends/followers can afford to donate just 5 dollars. (If you can't afford to donate, because you do not have enough food for yourself, please let me know! I will make sure you have food!) The local food pantries can take your donations and buy food from the food bank for extremely cheap. The food bank gets discounted canned/boxed goods from grocery stores/donors/etc.. I believe this year they can buy canned vegetables for 50 cents, no tax. Your five dollars would buy TEN cans of green beans for a family! Next time you are about to buy your coffee, please consider donating that couple dollars to a needy family for the holidays!

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