19 January 2012

I've decided to start making lists. I like lists.
10 quirky things you don't know about me:
1. I can only sleep if I have one foot out from under the covers.
2. I avoid touching raw meat at all costs. I'll have eight forks and look like Edward scissor hands before I touch raw meat.
3. I say a little prayer before driving over railroad tracks every single time. I'm scared the train will come when the cross arms are up.
4. I love numbers. I like to take strings of numbers and try to make them equal zero.
5. I will call out every out of state license plate I see. I get really excited if I see a Canadian one.
6. In my mind, it is harder to forgive someone who hates TN than someone who hates me.
7. I own tons of TN vols gear, and I will trash talk any rival... But I can't name one person on the roster. :-)
8. My two favorite foods are boiled yellow squash and boiled peanuts.
9. I've worn the same prescription of eyeglasses for seven years. Sometimes I like to think that my eyes haven't changed because I'm awesome.
10. I have approximately three to five half drunk glasses of water sitting on the counter at any given time. I'm convinced my water can go stale, so it needs to be fresh.

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