27 January 2012

this is not a list. sad panda.

This week in our house has been characterized by the ever present need for Charlie to imitate our two dogs. I guess it makes sense. Mina and Mallard (the two dogs) are Charlie's size, and they "LOVE" (haha.. not) to play with him. So far this week I've caught him crawling with dog toys in his mouth. He has successfully drunk out of the doggie water bowl.... like an animal. I told him "NO" today and he got on all fours and growled at me!! WHAT?! I tried so hard not to laugh! He charges the dogs head down like they do to each other when they play.

I have no idea how to deter behavior in a 13 month old! That's my mom challenge of the week. (Last week was trying to convince him that he still liked bananas.) I do not want my cute little baby acting like a crazy animal. :)

1 comment:

  1. I love it. As long as he doesn't start eating the dog food you will be ok. Lol.