08 January 2012

Something is changing.... my heart maybe?

 THIS IS ANYA! She needs a family.

Please read the whole thing. To make a very long story semi-shortish, my friends, Ryan and Amber, (www.wearespeechless.blogspot.com) are adopting a beautiful girl from Eastern Europe named Lily. She has two best friends that have grown up with her since infant-hood, and one of them has been adopted. Now Lily is going to be with her forever family. Fabulous people, really. Anya is stuck with practically no hope of being adopted. In her country, there is a bunch of paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed by her case worker just so she can be put on the "able to be adopted internationally" list. A few of the forms were filed wrong, and they won't revisit her case unless someone specifically requests to adopt her. The problem is that no one knows she exists. Because her paperwork was filed incorrectly, she's not allowed to be listed on any international adoption agency's site, etc...

I have no idea why, but this little girl has been laid on my heart. Seriously, no clue why. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I do not have a bleeding heart... at all. In fact, my nursing instructor told me I was "cold, emotionally unavailable, and there is no hope of [me] ever becoming anything resembling a good caregiver." Charming, is she not? (As a side note, I ended up her favorite student by the end of that semester.) When I had my son, my heart was changed. I have grown so much. (That is for a whole series of blogs-- an epic maybe).... The point is that this little girl has changed me somehow. I feel so much more empathy/sympathy to strangers. I've never really cared much about social welfare until her. (I know I sound like a crazy person. It's ok.)

Anya has been on my mind the last three months... daily... even hourly most days. I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Pray? Help find her a home? Adopt her myself? Help raise funds so the family who adopts her won't have the whole 40k-50k to pay? I'm so lost. I want to help this little girl for reasons unbeknownst to me, and I have no idea how.

How crazy is this? I told Michael her story about three months ago, maybe two. He hasn't said anything about her since then. As we were driving around in the car Saturday morning, I told him there was another picture of Anya online. He said, "Is it crazy that I've been praying for her almost every day? I feel like we should adopt her or help her or something." - (Michael doesn't even want another child) 

Please, Please. If you or anyone know someone who can give Anya her forever home, I will gladly give you Amber's phone number. She can put you in touch with a great adoption agency, people who want to help fund her adoption, and her country/orphanage/whatever that part entails!


  1. Jess -
    So glad you posted this. God has impressed Anya on my mind constantly too. I just know that He is answering our prayers for her, even now! What a sweet child! I hope that we can meet her someday.