25 October 2011

One Crazy Week

This week has been crazy!

Two of my courses were shortened into the first half of the semester. So, I've done twice the amount of coursework in the same amount of time as a normal class. The last week has been nonstop preparation and final exam taking MADNESS! I can honestly say I'm exhausted. Charlie hasn't liked the change of pace (read here: I've been ignoring him a little to get all my work done), so he has been protesting by not sleeping. Poor little guy.

Charlie's new thing this week is to whole bodily fling himself when he doesn't get his way (like being immediately picked up from the shopping cart when he gets bored). He usually hits my nose or my face or my eye. You get the point. I'm starting to look like a battered woman. He is so strong willed and stubborn. I have no idea who he gets that from.... (definitely not me. :) I thought this wouldn't start until he was a toddler. I had no idea 10 month old babies could have such a strong will!

Michael may or may not have an exciting opportunity for advancement at work. So, we are praying about it a lot, and we REALLY hope he gets the opportunity. :) To our little human eyes, it looks like the perfect scenario. It may not be in the grand scheme of things, but we have hope.

Speaking of the little booger, it is time to go to sleep. :) More tomorrow. I promise I haven't forgot about all my faithful readers (all two of you)!

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